Kick off Meeting SmartIPM

Kick off Meeting SmartIPM

09 juin 2016

9 & 10 juin 2016

L’UMT accueille la réunion de lancement du projet européen Eranet SmartIPM 2016-2018 en présence des partenaires allemands et espagnols.

Thursday, 9 June

14h00 Welcome (P. Abad, C. Poncet)

Presentation of participants (Roundtable)
  • 14h15 Summary of the project, structure and objectives (R Suay)
  • 14h45 The information system S@M. The origin of SmartIPM (C. Poncet)
  • 15h30 WP1 Sampling methods
    • General presentation about sampling methods (Elias Böckmann)
  • 16h30 Task 1.2 Testing and validation of testing
    • On-station tests at Almeria and Valencia Fundación Cajamar, and first results (M Gonzalez)
    • On-Station test at INRA (R Suay)
  • Discussion
  • 18h00 Wrap-up session
  • 20h00 Social dinner

Friday, 10 June

  • 08h30 Pick-up at hotel
  • 09h00 Visit ISA facilities: tomato greenhouses
  • 10h00 Climate control for IPM (H. Fatnassi)
  • 10h30 Discussion about sampling protocols:
    • Accurate vs Quick/Class sampling.
    • Pests / Beneficials / Diseases / Damages
    • Planning of first year activities
  • 12h00 Project management and intranet, website
  • 12h10 Consortium Agreement: Presentation
  • 12h30 Next meetings and Conclusions
  • Lunch
  • 14h00 Lift to airport


Date de création : 20 juin 2023